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Hanif Kureishi: The Buddha of Suburbia [Aug. 10th, 2009|02:36 pm]
~*our cosy little circle of book obsessed souls*~



I feel confused after reading this book. I have a feeling it is a masterpiece. It was a great book and a fascinating to read even if I did not always like it. The world and people it shows seem empty and selfish, especially the main character but I think it is the whole point of the book and it is really successful in describing the hollowness of life ruled by sex, drugs & rootlessness. I have a feeling this book will follow me in my thoughts for a while which is usually a sign of a good book.

It seems like a very realistic story of a young man half Indian, half British in the 70's London. The main character seems to be very selfish and out of touch with his feelings. A young man. I hated the way sex was described in this book.. as if something without feelings, without connection. Yet I believe it was how the main character saw it. His whole view on people was kind of hurtful and arrogant and oppressing yet it was just a sign of his inner emptiness.

The most interesting thing about the book is how it gives an interesting glimpse to British culture, life of immigrants and the class differences. I would love to read a sequel (if there is one) because I would love to know what happened to Karim after all this. What kind of a man did he grow up to be. The book gives some subtle hints and hope about progress and healing but it does not give a conclusion.